Apex Legends Goes Out Of Breath 2 Months After The Hammer Launch

Apex Legends

After Apex Legends has made a fantastic start, the game is now steadily moving the audience away. Even streaming stars like Shroud are tired and show it live.

What about Apex Legends? For some time, Apex Legends has been steadily losing to viewers on Twitch. Since its launch in February 2019, both the maximum viewers (Peak Viewers) and the average watching fans (Average Viewers) are declining.

Already before , Apex Legends lost about half of all viewers . At the moment, Apex Legends is only in 5th place of the most watched categories on Twitch within the last 30 days (as of April 16th at 13:00), behind:

  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • GTA5
  • Just chatting

Even huge streamers such as the new Star Shroud have their say. In one of his recent streams, he said he may be out of Apex Legends forever. He would rather play PUBG again.

What is the problem? One of the biggest problems that Apex Legends has, according to many reports from gamers, is missing content. So far, these things have found their way to Apex Legends:

  • the new weapon Havoc
  • the new legend Octane
  • the Battle Pass and Season 1

But that’s not enough for many players and the Battle Pass has disappointed most fans ratherthan encouraging them to play. The rewards are just not worth investing so much time.

In addition, there are difficulties with hackers , which are a plague, especially on the PC for many players, and annoying bugs. Such a bug also occurred in Shroud, just as he was already annoyed by the game anyway.

Developer Respawn’s plan is to release less updates and better ones that have been well tested and that bring more important content. It would seem to be more important to the players, however, to see the most important points addressed immediately.

So good was the start: The problems overshadow the launch of Apex Legends, which can confidently be called bombastic. Apex Legends conquered Twitch in no time and reached after 4 weeks 50 million players .

Reason for the success are particularly good features like the Ping system and also the marketing. So Apex Legends booked directly to start important streamer to make the game more popular.

What does this mean for Apex Legends? At the moment, the news looks like it’s the downfall for Apex Legends. The US side polygon , however, sees it completely differently. It’s normal, what’s going on at Apex Legends.

That developers have to deal with a new game and updates, always happen. For Apex Legends, however, the case from the strong start to the weaker aftermath is much more intense. Competitors such as Fortnite had started slower and only after initial problems had success.

But if it really is just teething and Respawn manages to bring Apex Legends back to the size of the beginning, the future must show.

Fortnite even says that the success of Apex Legends has had no effect so far:

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