Blizzard Finds That Melee In WoW Is Too Easy


Close combatants have it easy in World of Warcraft dungeons . Not only the players, but also Blizzard find that.

In keeping with the presentation of Patch 8.2 Azshara’s rise , Blizzard has invited many creators and other content creators. There was more talk about the next update of World of Warcraft. It was not just about the upcoming patch, but also the current state of the game.

What was said? The Streamer Sloot has posted many details from the meeting in a stream. According to developers, the balance between melee and ranged is currently not good. This is mainly because there are currently too few dangers for melee. This in turn means that melee fighters prefer to be in groups, as they can cause harm without interruption.

What is the evidence of this data? Also at the MDI, the dungeon tournament of Blizzard, confirms this statement. There are almost all teams with three villains – on ranged fighters is completely omitted. While this is because rogers are currently considered the strongest class in this type of content, it is also due to the lack of threat they face.

What should be changed? Concrete plans for change do not exist yet. However, it is expected that future dungeons or affixes will tease the melee a bit more or new mechanics will require more use from the melee classes. But whether this will happen with an upcoming patch or only for the next full-fledged addon is planned, was not said.

5 classes are already changed with patch 8.2.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you also find that melee in WoW is currently too easy? Or do you think that ranged fighters are much better?

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