Destiny 2: Get Arbalest – How To Get The New Exotic Weapon

Destiny 2

With the spring event “The Indulgence” came a new exotic weapon to Destiny 2 – the Arbalest. You have to do that to get the fusion rifle.

Even before the start of the spring event, the first details were leaked, how to get to the Arbalest. But the Leak had not considered all the details on the way to the new weapon exotic. We’ll tell you exactly how to get to the new exotic shooting iron.

So there’s the Arbalest in Destiny 2

What is the Arbalest anyway?  This new weapon Exotic is Destiny’s first Kinetic linear fusion rifle.

Thanks to its intrinsic perk, the weapon shoots missiles that cause massive damage to enemy elemental shields – even though the arbalest itself is actually kinetic. In addition, if you use the Arbalest to destroy your Elemental Shield, enemies will become more susceptible to kinetic damage for a short time.

Where do you get this weapon? The Arbalest came into play as part of the three-week spring event “The Revelation” and is currently available exclusively through the event.

After the event, just like the Donnerlord, it will only drop randomly from exotic engrams. So if you really want to have the weapon straight away, there is no way around the funeral home.

What do you have to do for the Arbalest? The Arbalest can be purchased in the tower from Eva Levante, the main contact for the Spring event. But you have to fulfill two requirements:

  • You need 300 units of the Tenderness Essence
  • You have to unlock the event triumph “Hart gefeiert”

To begin your hunt for the new weapon exotic, you should first talk to Eve. From her you get the Schwelgischer elixir and 50x temperate essence.

Then activate the elixir. This grants you a buff of your choice as well as access to the weekly foray and the new event activity Grünforst. You can then start the Grünforst via the tower map.

In essence, everything revolves around collecting enough Schwelgerian essence and earning the triumph.

So you come to Schwelgian Essence

What is the Schwelgischer essence? The Schwelgische Essence is an event-specific currency in the context of the current Spring Festival.

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How to earn the new event currency: The essence you get during the funeral of numerous activities. For example, you can come to this currency when you contest the new event activity Grünforst or do daily event raids by Eva Levante.

The Grünforst has a power level requirement of 200 and offers matchmaking. As good as any guardian, it should be easily possible to do this activity.

There you should defeat as many of the 5 bosses as possible. For every boss killed, spawn a box containing 10x Teal Essence. From the 5th and last box you get 15x Schwelgerian Essence. So you can earn a total of 55 units of that currency per run.

You can also secure Eva’s 25 currency units per daily foray. But also with usual activities the essence can be worked out. For example, there are 17 units from a single strike and 6 for a public event.

Collecting enough essence within three weeks should not be a real problem. In the hunt for the necessary event triumph you should scratch the 300 units loose.

So you unlock the triumph “Hart celebrated”

The way to “hard celebrated”: To unlock this triumph, it is important to earn 7 of the 12 event-specific successes. These include:

  • Spring cleaning: 50 branches (steps) cleared in the green forest
  • Green Light – Competitive: Create 200 spheres in PvP or Gambit while immersed in revelry light
  • Green Light – Cooperative: Create 200 spheres in strikes or raids while immersed in revelry light
  • Green Light – Events: Create 200 Spheres in the Greenforest or any Blacksmith, while immersed in Revelation Light
  • Spring Hunt: Defeat 3 bosses in one pass of the green forest
  • Burgeoning Fashion: Defeat 20 bosses in the Green Forest while carrying at least 4 pieces of the “prelude to the revelry” set
  • Super Festive: Defeat 150 enemies with Super in any activity
  • Fireworks: Gain 100 grenade kills in PvP, Gambit, or Strikes
  • Melee Chaos: Get 100 melee kills in Raids, Greenforest, or any Blacksmith
  • A spring-rich spring: Complete 50 daily and weekly forays for Eva Levante

How to get your weapon faster: If you want to get to Arbalest as soon as possible, it’s best to neglect the triumphs “Green Light – Competitive”, “Burgeoning Fashion” and “A Spring-Bountiful Spring” and target the remaining 7 triumphs to tackle that we have listed here. These can be done relatively quickly in strikes and the Grünforst.

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