ESO Boss Promises Quick Solution For The Queue – That Says Firor

The Elder Scrolls

You can not play The Elder Scrolls Online right now. Rather, you are stuck in long queues regularly. Why this is so and how you want to solve it, explains the ESO boss personally.

Why are there suddenly queues in ESO? The Elder Scrolls Online is currently too successful. Promo offerings for the 5-year anniversary and the promising new content in the Dragon’s Season brought more and more players to the attention of ESO.

Since the console launch in 2015, the game’s biggest success so far, the average number of active players has reached a new high.

This led to a steady overload of the European PC Megaserver. The consequences were massive deterioration of performance in the game. Therefore, after several optimization attempts, the queues were finally implemented to limit the maximum number of players.

So you could make sure that at least the currently active players could gamble clever, as that everyone has an insufficient performance.

Why is the problem only affecting the Euro-PC servers? The problem in Europe is, on the one hand, that an above-average number of PC players are active and therefore the PC servers are booking more traffic.

And second, there are only two time zones in Europe. So most of the players come online all at the same time during rush hours. In the US, there are four zones and the number of players is better distributed.

Solutions are in sight

Zenimax wants to dissolve the queues: In a forum post, ESO boss Matt Firor said the above problem and also announced immediately solutions. Because the problem would be purely on the server side, you just have to increase the hardware capacity of the megaserver.

Therefore, Zenimax plans to implement the new hardware by the end of April to meet the needs of the growing number of players. This also applies to the US and console servers, as they could probably soon come to their limits.

Do your best at Zenimax to put this solution into action as soon as possible.

This is how the fans react: Many fans think it’s great that Zenimax is working on the problem. But so many users criticized that only now get information about the problem. After all, it would have started slowly in January and then one had been ignored.

Meanwhile, players get creative and use the wait to eat.

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