Final Fantasy XIV: Players Fly Out At The Same Location During The Event

Final Fantasy XIV

The long awaited crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV went live. However, there is probably a bug that throws the players out of the game.

Update: The problem has been fixed again.

Players who lost the connection will be put back into the quest cutscene after logging in. So you lose no progress.

What is the bug doing? During the event, players must complete a longer quest line to earn the rewards. However, after completing a particular section of the quest, you may lose the connection to the game server.

It is a bug that affects a large part of the players. But there are also people who could get past the bow.

What happens with the bug? Players get into an endless loop of 90002 errors. Restarting the client unfortunately does not help either. It is also not possible to log in to other characters because the game still sees the first character as logged in.

Square Enix is ​​already working on a fix and the quest series has been deactivated for the time being. We will update the article as soon as there is more information.

This is how you get the event rewards: Players who complete the event get cool stuff as a reward.

“They see me rollin ‘, they hatin'” – The Mount “Regalia”.

So there are:

  • Outfit of the character Noctis: Available as a reward from the event quests
  • Fristur by Noctis: Buy for 20,000 MGP in Gold Saucer
  • Triple Triad Card by Noctis: Buy for 10,000 MGP in the Gold Saucer
  • 4 Man Mount Regalia: Buy for 200,000 MGP in the Gold Saucer
  • 6 different music rolls with music from Final Fantasy XV: exchange with the Garlond staff in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 11 / Y: 13), Ul’Dah Thal Cloister (X: 13 / Y: 9) and Old-Gridania (X: 9 / Y: 8) against Unidentified Magitech parts

Note that the Garlond NPC in the Gold Saucer only offers the rewards after completing the event quests.

The event ends on May 27th.

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