New Fallout 76 Update: Find The Dungeon Under Harper’s Ferry Here

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has received a new content patch with a minor update and no maintenance. This time, a whole new area awaits you that you can explore.

What is this update? Today, April 16, 2019, around 6:20 pm, a new update for Fallout 76 launched. This brings new content from the “Wild Appalachia” update .

The new patch did not require any maintenance. So you can just log in directly and gamble.

Fallout 76 Update from April 16, 2019

The new feature of this update is the new dungeon “The Caves,” which may be a whole subterranean city. The Caves are Fallout 76’s first underground dungeon.

What are those caves? The caves were originally created as a drainage system under Harpers Ferry to the east of the map. After the impact of the bombs, they also served as a refuge from the new dangers .

After a while, the caves evolved into a friendly, helpful community. However, something went awry and a Steering Brotherhood reconnaissance squad took the trouble to explore the problem.

What is there to get in the caves? In the caves, you can complete a quest once or repeat the dungeon several times to get more loot. The caves are for two players in co-op or for very well-equipped solo players. The dungeon is not instantiated yet. However, according to a Reddit post, the technology should come in the future.

How do I get into the caves? If you want to explore the caves yourself, you can do it now. The entrances to the Dungeon are near the Armory and Highway 65. You can reach the caverns via manhole covers.

The exact locations and what the manhole covers look like, you can see in our gallery. So it goes on: The originally also planned for this patch camera feature was, however, postponed to a later date and should appear on 23 April. Players shops, as they are already operated by some fans , come on 7 May.