Overwatch: Pro Pays Hefty Fine For Harmless Spell To Twitch Streamer


A Chinese pro player of the Overwatch League has received a hefty penalty. Reason for this was a view from his team inappropriate behavior towards a streamer. Because he hated Twitch streamer Aspen, he was called to account and “lectured.” The streamer herself saw the saying as harmless.

What did the professional do? Overwatch pro Zhang “YangXiaoLong” Zhihao plays in the Overwatch League for the Chinese team Chengdu Hunters plays in the DPS role. He dropped an inappropriate remark.

In the stream of the young Cloud9 streamer Becca “Aspen” Rukavina, YangXiaoZhihao played together with his teammate Ding “ameng” Menghan in Aspen’s team. Between two rounds in a match, YangXiaoZhihao wrote:

This is how the streamer reacted: Aspen herself, who has already helped with the elucidation of the Ellie Disaster , apparently reacted calmly. She just shook her head, put her hand over her forehead, and laughed. Then she typed another “Lul.”

It did not seem in any way as if she was somehow attacked by the spell.

Ameng, who was also in the chat, apologized later for the behavior of his teammate by private message.

YangXiaoZhihao just likes to joke and have “brain problems.”

The punishment is so harsh: The Chinese team Chengdu Hunters does not seem to be so relaxed about the whole thing. On Twitter, the team formally apologized to Aspen, saying that YangXiaoZhihao had been reprimanded and lectured for his wrongdoing.

The team also said that the punishment for YangXiaoZhihao in the form of a full month’s salary will affect him. In addition, he will be deprived of the bonus for the entire Phase 2 of Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

The Chengdu Hunters use this according to their own information also to make clear to other players the consequences. They want to prevent this happening against.

This is the subsequent discussion On Twitter, the punishment is discussed – for many it seems to be greatly exaggerated.

Former Overwatch pro Cortex believes the punishment was so fierce because Aspen is only 17.

The Chinese should have made a translation error, he probably meant “waifu” instead of wife.

He would have been wrong in English and did not know what “Wife” means, others suspect.

Aspen herself says she accepts the apology. She thought that was a joke anyway.

Who are the Chengdu Hunters? The Chengdu Hunters are one of the currently more in the lower midfield teams of the Overwatch League. In the first phase, they were on par with the Shanghai Dragons, who only celebrated their first victory in Season 2 .

Although they are not among the best teams, the Chengdu Hunters and also YangXiaoZhihao always surprise with interesting team compositions. They play more frequent compilations that run counter to the considered boring GAOTS meta .

Another professional left the league prefer: