Overwatch “Sturmzeichen” Is Online – Get The 9 New Skins Now


The Archive Event 2019 in Overwatch started under the name “Storm Rising”. You can now play the exclusive PvE mode and buy or earn the new skins.

What is the Archive Event? Every year, the archive event in Overwatch tells a little background to the story of the shooter by making a story from the past (from the archives) accessible.

In the Archive Event 2019 you can chase the accountant of the Talon boss Doomfist in a new game mode. The mission is led by the Overwatch heroine Tracer, who proved herself to be the leader in the previous “Uprising” event. The mission could lead you on the trail of a new hero .

Last year, the “Retribution” event was about a failed Blackwatch mission . Together with the mission appeared at that time the new freight card Rialto .

The archive event “Sturmzeichen” lasts from April 16, 2019 to May 6, 2019. The patch size on the PC is almost 700MB.

What is the new mode? In the new Striker Mode, with a team of Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy, you’ll need to stop a convoy of armored vehicles escorting Maximilien, the accountant, through the streets of Havana.

Your goal is to expose the machinations of Maximilien in order to prove something of the villain Doomfist through his track of money .

The mode is a PvE mission, so join three other players against NPC opponents who must beat you in waves to reach different targets.

These are the new skins from Storm Rising

As a reward for the mode and for playing during the event waving you special Lootboxen. These can contain the new archive skins . These are available for:

  • the new hero Baptiste
  • Junkrat
  • bastion
  • wrecking ball
  • McCree
  • Moira
  • Soldier: 76
  • Zarya
  • Ashe

If you do not want to leave it to chance and luck, and if and which skin you get, you can also buy them. The legendary event skins are available for 3000 credits, epic for 750.

The patch notes of the event

Together with the event, Blizzard has also added a new patch for Overwatch. It contains some changes that were previously tested on the PTR:

  • Junkrat’s standard attacks are faster, but bounce less
  • Reaper’s shadow step is being buffed
  • Symmetras Teleporter is no longer blocked by certain objects

There are also some bug fixes. The full patch notes in English can be found on the official website of Overwatch .

The star of the new event in the community is probably not the evil Omnic Maximilien:

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