Pokémon GO: How To Get Tickets For The Go Fest In Dortmund – Via The App

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO is now known how to get tickets for the GO Fest in Dortmund: the app itself. Niantic published a guide.

When will there be tickets? An exact date is not yet available. Niantic says the ticket-buying feature will not start until the draw for the GO Fest in Chicago begins.

How do you get the tickets? The ticket purchase is in progress. So you click through some pages in the app and then it is decided by lot, who gets the ticket.

This is how the ticket allocation works

You do not have to be fast: To make sure that every player has a chance on the tickets, the ticket assignment is not about speed. Once the feature is online, you can log in there in peace. Here wins not the fastest

If you are registered, the lot will decide on your tickets. If you are drawn, you can buy the ticket. If you have not been solved, you will not have a chance to win tickets.

Here’s how you can register: Registration is done in the app. So you do not have to open a website. So you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Pokémon GO app
  2. Click on the Pokéball icon in the lower center of the screen to open the menu
  3. Click on “Events” on the upper right side. (next to “Settings” and “News”)
  4. All events will be displayed soon. The next event will be at the top
  5. Choose your desired event. If the ticket allocation is still active there, there is “take part in raffle”
  6. Now you just have to confirm your e-mail. It does not have to be the same one you’re signed in to. If you have been drawn for the tickets then you will get a confirmation there. Otherwise, you will not get anything from Niantic.

Here’s how to buy the tickets: If you receive an email confirming you as the winner of the draw, you can buy the tickets.

In 2019, the GO Fest will take place in Germany for the first time

But you should check your emails regularly, because you have to buy the tickets within 48 hours.

  1. Re-access the page in the app with the upcoming events you have already registered with
  2. At the event, where you were drawn for the tickets, the field “claim ticket” is now displayed
  3. Click on this field and choose on which day you want to be there and how many tickets you need
  4. Here you can then select tickets for friendly players
  5. Confirms the terms and conditions and orders the tickets for a fee
  6. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email

Can I also register my friends? It’s worth it when you and your friends register all of you, because then the chance of getting your tickets is bigger.

You can also take your friends to the GO Fest

You can take several friends to the GO Fest. If you have been drawn, you can enter the player names of your friends. For that you have to be at least super friend in the game with him.

All tickets you want to buy must be assigned directly to a friendly player in the app. So you can not buy tickets that have not been assigned to a player.

Not only the GO festival is worth it, but also the upcoming events in April: