Pokémon Go: That’s Why It’s Finally Worth It To Hatch 10-km-eggs

Pokémon Go: That's Why It's Finally Worth It To Hatch 10-km-eggs

A few days ago, Pokémon GO changed the egg pool. We explain why the 10km eggs are really worthwhile.

What was the problem so far? So far, the 10 -k eggs contained many Pokémon, which are rather weak. It was not worth the effort to use his expensive breeding machines on these eggs and only get one Voltilam in the end.

That’s why it’s worth it again: Now Niantic has changed the egg pool and removed almost every avoidably weak Pokémon from the pool of 10 km eggs . Instead, you now receive almost only Pokémon with strong advancements.

These Pokémon are worthwhile in the 10 km eggs

Which Pokémon have been removed? No new Pokémon have been added, at least so far. But several Pokémon were removed that are less good. These include:

  • Mareep
  • Miltank
  • Skorupi
  • Drifloon
These Pokémon are currently available in 10km eggs. Source: TheSilphRoad

What is good in the egg pool now? You now get good Pokémon much more often. This starts with monsters like Larvitar or Tanhel, who have often been caught thanks to the Community Days , but can now receive copies with good IV in their eggs.

In addition, rare Pokémon such as Riolu or Koknodon are in the 10-kilometer eggs. With it you can complete your PokéDex and even have an extremely strong rock attacker with Rameidon.

Therefore, you should breed again: Except for Porygon you only have good Pokémon in the 10-km-eggs. Either they are strong attackers, or they can slip as Shiny. It is worth all the more to hatch the 10-km-eggs.

Throw the 10km eggs into the incubators. It is worth it!

Here it is worth twice: Regardless of the egg pool starts on April 16 at 22 clock an egg event. There, the egg pool will change again, but the 10-km eggs will be particularly worthwhile there.

So there are double candy from eggs and you have to run only half the distance for the eggs. So you can even get up to 64 candies per 10-km egg for a Pokémon.

If you would like to have a complete list of all eggs, check out here:

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