That’s Why In Apex Legends Suddenly Players Everywhere Are Flying Through The Air

In Apex Legends , a bug has just surfaced that lets players sail through the air. This is well received by many fans.

What is the bug? Apex Legends is plagued by some annoying bugs. But a mistake in the system just makes the players happy. Because if you hit the lid with an open supply box, you will be spectacularly catapulted through the air.

The effect is similar to the launch pad of the new character Octane and players fly thanks to the bug dozens of meters through the air.

Players love the bug

This is how the fans get the hang of it: with Apex Legends a dynamic and fast game anyway , with many of the characters having useful movement boosters as skills, this new, involuntary form of getting around is welcome and does not really disrupt the gameplay.

Therefore , players on Reddit report on all sorts of curious incidents that happened to them thanks to the “supply bin jump”.

  • Players use the method to escape from sticky situations
  • Others use the trick to get going fast
  • A player landed by sheer luck on a golden loot spot

Others create funny memes and movies with them. A Reddit user took the bug as an opportunity to let his apex hero jump out of the game into a completely different game.

In his video titled “These Supply Bin Launches are Slowly Out of Control,” he skips right into Skyrim’s opening sequence.

What do you think of the bug? Stupid or should Respawn leave him some time in the game?