That’s Why Pokémon Go’s Egg Event Is A Paradise For Shiny Hunters

Pokemon GO

The Egg Event 2019 in Pokémon GO is on, and fans of Shinys in particular should really take advantage of the event, because it’s worth it.

Why is it worthwhile for Shiny Hunters? In this event you have the chance for Shiny Haspiror everywhere in the wild. This Shiny is there for the first time to catch.

On the other hand you can get baby Pokémon in 2 km eggs, which are among the rarest Shinys in the game. So it’s worth turning a few laps.

So good is the egg event for Shiny hunters

This is in the wild: Admittedly, in addition to Haspiror you have in the wild only Voltilamm, which can also be Shiny multiplied. This is worth a little less with the Community Day as Shiny.

But Haspiror spawns more so in the wild. Rarely has there been a new possible Shiny that can be found so often in the wild. Haspiror is actually sitting almost every corner and if you put some time into the event, you have the best chance on the dazzling rabbit.

Rare Shinys can also appear: The Shiny’s from the eggs could also look very good for the event. So there is every baby Pokémon in 2 km eggs. Many babies can be Shiny, so you have the best chances there.

Dazzling babies are among the rarest Shinys in the game , which makes hatching even more worthwhile.

These 4 babies can be Shiny. The hatching is worthwhile

In addition, the distance during hatching is reduced. If you apply a super-breeding machine to a 2-km egg, you only have to walk 700 meters.

With Shiny Fluffeluff even another baby came into play in his iridescent form. From the 2 km eggs you can now hatch the following Shiny babies:

  • Igglybuff
  • Pii
  • Pichu
  • Smoochum
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Knospi
  • togepi
  • Azurill
  • isso
Here they sit as non-Shiny in the arena, but they can all slip as Shiny as well

The list is so long and the chance of a Shiny quite large. The probability of encountering a shine in an egg is about 1 in 50 . So you have to hatch around 50 babies a week, so you’ll get a Shiny, at least by chance. But this seems to be feasible.

Not only the 2 km eggs are worth hatching, but also the 10 km eggs:

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