The Division 2: New Update 2.1 Is Live – The Patch Notes In German

the division 2

Today, on 16.4. has been released on the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC Update 2.1 for  The Division 2 . We have summarized everything you need to know about server status, patch notes and maintenance.

The developers of Massive Entertainment continue to screw to The Division 2 and publish today on all platforms the next update for the title. You have to know that:


  • 9:30 am – The servers are now offline
  • 10:30 – The update can now be downloaded. On the PS4, it is just under 1.25 GB in size
  • 11:20 am – The servers are online again, at least on the PS4. So you can play again

When does Server Maintenance begin at The Division 2?

  • The maintenance work should start at 9:30 o’clock of our time
  • The downtime is said to take about 3 hours. The servers are therefore expected to remain offline until 12:30.
  • You can not log in during this period

When will the update 2.1 come? The update will appear during maintenance. An exact time was not specified.

What changes with the update 2.1? Players should not expect any substantial content with this patch. The 2.1 update will probably bring mainly bug fixes into the game. Massive had communicated this with a preview for the patch.

Patch Notes for Update 2.1 for The Division 2: Massive has also released the patch notes for today’s patch. This is in the new update:

  • Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would hang in a T-post if they were killed off-game.
  • Another issue with Resurrect Drone Stick has been fixed, which did not work the skill. It is still working on the fact that players are still not revived in some cases by the skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Gila Guard branded items could not be donated to the campus settlement’s daily Fire Request: Gila Guard project.
  • Fixed an issue where the workbench upgrade blueprint would not be correctly correctly assigned to players when they went up in the world rankings.
  • Fixed an issue that did not properly trigger the True Patriot 2s bonus. So far the armor damage in PvE was useless .

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