The Most Useful Vehicle In Fortnite Destroys The World Cup Qualification


The first weekend of the World Cup qualifying in Fortnite is over and especially the Kugler has dominated the rounds. However, this vehicle brings with it a problem for the meta.

How is the World Cup qualification destroyed? The Kugler offers the player protection. In addition, you can bring it to places where you can not get there without this vehicle.

If you do not have a Kugler at the end of the round then you are at a disadvantage. Although you can shoot at the vehicles, but then you are pretty open to his opponents. The Kugler can then simply run away quickly. Without the vehicle you are much more immovable.

So much the Kugler dominated the World Cup qualifiers

The videos show: If you look at videos from the round ends on the weekend, then you see everywhere the Kugler. On Reddit , a video was released showing 12 different hamster balls while only recognizes a player who is not the vehicle go.

This player visibly has problems playing, because he does not know on which Kugler he should shoot first. In the end, the player is eliminated without a vehicle, while the Kugler continue to jump around.

This is the tactic with the Kugler: Many professionals have used the Kugler for their tactics. So they usually sit there with 1500 materials in it and a good weapons set.

The Kugler has a total of 200 lives. So as a player, you have further protection that you do not have without a hamster ball. If the Kugler was then destroyed, you can install quickly and still has full life.

In addition, you can reach with the hamster ball well higher positions and dominate from there. The Kugler seems to be the ideal vehicle for the endgame.

That’s why it’s a problem: The Kugler is well suited for the Endgame, but apparently too strong. If you do not own a hamster ball, you are almost lost against this dominance.

In addition, there are significantly less construction battles and fights at the end of the round. It just aims to shoot each other out of the Kugler.

Who sits in the Kugler, can not act themselves, the battles are so relatively static: Who wants to attack, must get out of his Kugler and makes himself the goal.

What can you do about it? Epic had previously lowered the Kugler from 300 lives to 200 lives. However, that did not hurt the dominance much.

So you could weaken the Kugler even further, or take it out of the game for the qualification and other tournaments. Epic may also target such gameplay and maintain it. It remains to be seen.

In the meantime , the “boogie bomb” has become established as a means of attacking players in the Kugler – but to use them, you also have to be on the move.

The streamer have another problem with the Fortnite World Cup: