Therefore, The Fortnite World Cup Could Take Place Without The Big Twitch Stars Like Ninja


The qualification for the Fortnite -WM is in full swing. However, streamer like Twitch star Ninja may not be able to participate.

Why could not the Twitch stars be there? Whether you are a streamer or not, you have to qualify for the World Cup in advance. In qualifying, however, some streamer might have difficulty, because they have a major disadvantage.

As they play and show everything live on Twitch, Stream Snipers can track their every move. So you know exactly what weapons and materials the players have. They try to get into the same matches as the streamer – and then they know where the streamer is.

So Ninja was recently hunted down in a qualifying round downright by an opponent.

This problem has the streamer in the qualification

This problem shows Ninja: The stream of Ninja is just one example of many. So he landed in Lazy Lagoon and was able to loosen in peace and get a good set-up.

Although he was alone, this place suddenly became a hotspot. Suddenly an enemy came who apparently knew exactly where Ninja was hiding.

He flew purposefully towards him and killed Ninja when he was in a fight with another enemy.

Ninja dropped out of the game early and lost important points in qualifying.

Because only if you score enough points in the qualifying rounds, you can finally get involved in the finals.

Ninja says: He thought this was a funny situation and looked at his opponent’s gameplay after his elimination.

There one saw that the opponent covered a long distance and always steered directly in the direction of Ninja. He apparently knew exactly where the streamer was hiding and probably went hunting for ninja.

So he says: “No idea where this guy comes from by the way. But here he is, that’s his second crack he took. Take the geyser and cracks, dive into the fight …. Ugh, that’s unfortunate. ”

Meanwhile streamers like Ninja or Tfue are almost paranoid about stream-sniping. But just because you are paranoid does not mean that nobody is after you.

Ninja is not an isolated case: the problem with the stream snipers, as these opponents are called, has been around for some time in Fortnite. Now the problem is acute, because the streamers have to qualify in several rounds for the upcoming World Cup. But if they are hunted so directly, that is much more difficult.

Stream snipping is also easier in QM qualifiers because the player pools are much smaller.

Recently, Ninjas Twitch colleague Tfue commented on the problem . The pro has already won some cash at Fortnite and is one of the best players in the world. He does not want to continue participating in tournaments in the future.

Probably because the stream sniper disturbs him massively, but as a streamer he does not want to miss the streaming in tournaments in real time.

So are not the streamer at the World Cup? That remains to be seen. At the moment, Ninja and his colleagues still have their doors open. After all, it was the first qualifying round this weekend.

So you have more time in the next few weeks to qualify for the World Cup. But if stream snipers continue to be such a problem, then the streamer could have a harder time and might never qualify.

Then the World Cup would have to do without some of their biggest stars – or the streamer would have to do without their streams for the qualification. But they certainly do not want that.

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