This WoW Player Has 29 Characters At Level 120 – All Are Warriors

World of Warcraft

Some players are crazy about World of Warcraft. This warrior fan has brought 29 characters to level 120 – all belong to the same class.

From time to time we’ll talk about World of Warcraft players doing extraordinary things. Such a Warcraft fan, we want to turn out today. Because DesMephisto has developed a very special love for a class – the warrior. He likes it so much that he has leveled it a proud 29 times at level 120, the current maximum level of WoW.

Also exciting: Do you already know the Pandaren Doubleagent, who never left the pandaren’s launch pad and still reached level 120?

Two characters from each people: on a screenshot, he proudly shows 22 of his characters. These are just his horde characters. He has leveled each people twice, namely one female and one male character. So he should be prepared for all eventualities and guaranteed to be able to show off at any event with a suitable character.

When naming DesMephisto remained true to himself. The first warrior was still called “Juggalo” , followed by names like:

  • “Zombie Juggs” (Undead)
  • “Chubby Juggs” (Pandaren)
  • “Tinyjuggs” (Goblin)
  • “Prettyjuggs” (Blood Elf)
  • “Ausomejuggs” (Zandalari Troll)

This may not be the most creative naming, but in any case it provides a high recognition value. Who is on the American server Spirestone on the road, it will recognize at first glance.

Great plans for Classic: By the way, the Mephisto is far from finished. Also in Classic he wants to diligently level warriors of the Horde – at least 8 should be. In each case one for the four original peoples of the Horde, again in male and female execution.