Twitch Streamer Drdisrespect: Fortnite Makes Kids Soft And Cowardly


The infamous streamer Dr Disrespect is not a big fan of Fortnite. His latest criticism: The game makes the next generation to soft cowards! That’s what the Doctor said in a new twitch stream.

Dr. Disrepect, the controversial streamer with the porn beard, is known for his caustic remarks to Fortnite . Mostly bothers him the arbitrary deviation of the projectiles or simply the fact that he was shot.

The “nerdy developer” from North Carolina he has eaten anyway.

Epic Games is ruining the shooter youth!

That’s why the Doc thinks that Fortnite messes up the kids: But this time he has a bigger chicken to pick with Epic’s Battle Royale game. Because according to the Doc, Fortnite makes the upcoming shooter-gamer generation soft and cowardly.

According to the Doc, that’s because Fortnite can always provide cover . So instead of bravely stealing an enemy’s shelling and looking for cover or taking cover, Fortnite would immediately give you a 2nd chance after every mistake.

This happens in Fortnite in action: As soon as a shot is heard, most Fortnite players explode into heavy construction and immediately pull up a small fortress around them. This allows one to survive even gross mistakes, such as running without cover over a wide heath.

According to the Doc, this is the main reason why the game spoils the next generation. In his shameful triad he complains that the kids are already over-sensitized by society today.

Then there would be added that they are not even required in shooter games, but there are still plenty of protective mechanisms.

These “stupid developers from North Carolina”, so Epic Games, are blamed according to the Doc so that the next generation of gamers are no good.

How do you see this development? Is the doc right and does the Fortnite gameplay really spoil the youth?

Incidentally, according to Ninja, it’s also possible to build without it!

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