Waits In MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online So Long That A Player Even Cooks

The Elder Scrolls

If you want to play The Elder Scrolls Online on your PC right now, you have to wait for a lavish wait before you can get started. A player on Reddit uses the time to cook.

That’s exactly the problem in ESO: If you want to play a cozy round of ESO in the evening, you have to bring patience when traveling in Europe and on the PC.

Since the last patch, you can not just log in to the game and start playing right away.

Queues burst every boundary

Only with animal luck to catch a gap in the player rush or comes with a waiting time of three to nine minutes of it. Most of them have to wait 20 minutes to get started. There are even quite common reports of extreme cases, such as a waiting period of more than 40 minutes.

In the forums, the fans just let out a lot of steam and complain loudly about how much life they have lost.

Cooking instead of gambling

So a player took advantage of the extreme waiting time: Which blooms the queues drive, shows a blatant example of Reddit. A user on Reddit writes that, after entering the queue, he first went to the kitchen to cook something.

After all, time is well spent. But when he returned 25 minutes later with the delicious meal back in front of the screen to gamble in peace during the meal, the shock came!

17 minutes and 37 seconds were left.

So the good man grabbed his smartphone to photograph the feed and the message and share the whole mess with the rest of the world to better overcome his disappointment.

So the snapshot came to Reddit: So he had probably successful. On Reddit he collected nearly 100 upvotes and many other users expressed their sympathy. Many had probably experienced that they had to wait around forty minutes in the queue.

What the hell is that supposed to be on the plate? Some comments also dealt with the depicted food. For example, the user Saklymah asked what the “thing” should be next to the rice.

ReadDeadOscar, from whom the post came, replied, “Meat, fried in garlic butter, with onions and soy sauce. Doused with a little lemon juice “. Well, if that is so … Have a good appetite!

Anyway, the long waiting times mean that ESO is doing well.

The squad is also no coincidence. Bethesda has been stirring the news for months and making his players hot …

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