Who Paints The Best Eggs In ARK Survival Evolved, Gets $ 100 On The Claw


Who plays the survival online game ARK: Survival Evolved , now can win cash. For this you have to participate in an egg painting competition.

What do you have to do? To participate, you have to paint eggs colorfully in ARK Survival Evolved, but you should get them first.

  • Catch a Bunny Dodo or Bunny Oviraptor.
  • You arrive at an egg like that.
  • Now take the brush and paint to hand.
  • You may dye certain areas of the ice or paint it freely.
  • Then you take a screenshot and put it online in the official ARK forum .
  • The event runs only on the official servers.

There are three categories in which you can join:

  • PC
  • console
  • Real-Life

Since it is more difficult to paint eggs on a console with the controller than on a mouse with a mouse, the categories had to be separated. And those who like to paint eggs “in real life” may also submit photos of these creations.

$ 100 for colorful eggs

What is there to win and when is the deadline? You have until Monday, April 22, to submit your pictures for the contest. Each participant can only send three pictures. It is not allowed to use templates or images from the internet. Then the community team decides who wins.

The three winners are happy to receive over $ 100, which will be transferred via Paypal.

How do the players react to the contest? The fans are already busy painting eggs and have already submitted some creations that can be admired in the official forum.

However, there was some confusion about the instructions. For example, it was clear on demand that the event did not run on dedicated servers.

In general, however, the ARK players are happy to be present at this event.


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