World War Z Is Now On Pc, Xbox One And Ps4 – This Makes The Shooter Different

World War Z

Since today, Tuesday, April 16, 2019, World War Z has been released. The new survival shooter with huge masses of zombie opponents is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One and spice up the already piquant genre with some of its own features.

What is World War Z? World War Z is a zombie shooter based on the eponymous film starring Brad Pitt from 2013. Play survivors after the outbreak of a zombie virus that has infested large parts of humanity.

In real-world settings like Moscow, New York, Tokyo and Jerusalem, you fight against the zombies who act like a “swarm” through their infection.

World War Z was developed by Saber Interactive. After watching the official trailer recently , World War Z is playable on all popular platforms:

  • To World War Z in the Microsoft Shop
  • To World War Z in the PS Store
  • To World War Z at the Epic Store

On the PC World War Z is only playable via the Epic Launcher, not via Steam . A release on Steam is possible after expiration of the exclusive contract, but not yet announced.

That’s what makes World War Z special

The survival and zombie shooter genre already has quite a few representatives on the market.

World War Z has come up with some special features that it wants to convince:

A special game mode: World War Z offers a one-game mode in which you can fight against players and zombies at the same time. He calls himself Player vs Player vs Zombies (PvPvZ).

According to the corresponding trailer to the feature, there are five different modes that are playable in PvPvZ

Smart Zombies: The zombies in World War Z should move more authentically than in other zombie games. They react to their environment and to physics.

If too many zombies squeeze through a narrow alley, they will clog them up and simply climb over each other. If they run around a corner too fast, they stumble. If they do not seem to reach above you, they are building a pyramid.

Unique Classes: World War Z offers six different classes from which you can choose one for your team of four survivors:

  • Slasher, a melee class
  • Hellraiser, a bomb specialist
  • Exterminator, a trapper
  • Gunslinger, a weapons expert
  • Medic, a healer
  • Fixer, a kind of supporter for more ammo

A kind of class system in the form of individual skills already existed in Left4Dead. In World War Z, however, there are more classes than available slots in the lobby, which makes various combinations possible.

That’s what the first reviews say: Otherwise, World War Z should play very similar to the classic Left4Dead. For many fans World War Z is even the unofficial Left4Dead 3.

Especially the fact that there are different classes and also the types of the special zombies make the parallels clearer. On reddit, the criticism becomes clearer. The special zombies are almost exactly the same as you already know from Left4Dead. The similarity to Left4Dead is not necessarily bad.

Most of the time it takes a lot to kill zombie hordes and especially in a co-op this will be a lot of fun. The look convincing in particular, but who is not quite sure, should rather wait a little more reviews.

The makers of Left4Dead are already working on their next game: