WoW Wants To Get Rid Of This Unloved Mechanic, But Does Not Know Yet How


World of Warcraft is planning to say goodbye to Titanforging. The problem is that the developers can not find an alternative.

With the release of Patch 8.2 Azshara’s Ascent , some creators and other content creators have traveled to Blizzard and talked to the developers. Apparently, there was also an aspect of the game theme: the Titanforging. If it goes to Blizzard’s developers, this should probably be abolished. It’s not that easy.

What was said? On the twitch channel of “Taliesin and Evitel” was talked about that at the meeting a WoW developer (the name would not know exactly) said that Titanforging like to remove from the game.

The problem is that you do not have a system to replace Titanforging. The development team currently has the task of creating something new that could replace Titanforging. Simply painting it without replacement is not an option.

What is titaniumforging? Almost all items in World of Warcraft’s current content have a chance to be “Titanforged” or “Warforged.”

Then, an item has a significantly higher item level than normal, or has additional attributes, such as a small percentage of loot or extra sock space.

When is this expected? There is not yet a concrete date for the implementation, because so far there are no solutions. Before the patch 9.0 (the start of the next addon) should not be reckoned with the abolition of Titanforging.

Titanforging is controversial, there are pros and cons

The WoW players are roughly divided into two camps. Some advocate Titanforging while others strongly reject it.

Proponents say: Titanforging ensures that even in irrelevant content, such as light dungeons, is occasionally dropped an upgrade. The joy is then great.

If you wanted to help out just a friend in a dungeon and suddenly get yourself an improvement, you feel motivated and positively encouraged.

Titanforging also made for a nasty bug:

The critics say: Titanforging should make the heaviest content insignificant. If players are lucky enough to get gear from light dungeons that would otherwise only exist in the mythical variant, then the equipment from the mythical variant is also worth less.

In addition, the system is too dependent on chance and one could not work towards a clear reward.

What is your opinion about Titanforging in World of Warcraft? Is this an important mechanic that motivates you to play? Or should it be abolished urgently and does not need a replacement?

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