A Reality Show From Korea Will Bring Forth The Next Overwatch Professionals


A Korean company is planning a show looking for young Overwatch talents. The goal is to have a real team later, which emerges from the show.

What is this show? As reported by a Korean news site , the upcoming reality show should be named “God of Overwatch”.

“God of Overwatch” should start in June. Registrations will be accepted until April 30th and the first matches of the participants will start on May 13th.

What is the purpose of the show? By participating in the show, the best players among the participants are to be found. These eventually become a team. Whether they should take part in tournaments such as the Overwatch League has not yet been confirmed.

According to statements by KBS, the organizers, the show also serves to make eSport more suitable for the masses. It should clean up with stereotypes and show the masses how much eSports is growing.

Korea is already regarded as a stronghold of eSport and according to dotesport already come 109 of the currently 193 active players of the Overwatch League from Korea. Some non-Korean teams like London Spitfire even consist of Korean players. Before the Overwatch League, Korea even had its own league in Overwatch, the Overwatch APEX .

Who is doing the show? Behind “God of Overwatch” is the Korean channel KBS. KBS is supported by a cryptocurrency company, Suponic, which is also based in Korea.

Will that be successful? “God of Overwatch” is not the first reality show looking for professionals. Similar approaches already existed in other countries. There they had some difficulties, according to dotesports :

  • Gamerz from Sweden was looking for budding CS: GO pros, but reportedly did not pay the players.
  • The Next Gamer from Australia was looking for LoL talent but was hired after a season.

On a US broadcaster Overwatch was already broadcast and has received terrible criticism . Whether the show will live up to its promises remains to be seen.

What do you think about the idea?

At least the Overwatch League knows how to do it:

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