Arbalest In Destiny 2 – Is Grind Worth The New Exotic Weapon?

Destiny 2

At Destiny 2 you can now play the second weapon exotic of Season 6 – the Arbalest. But how does this new weapon work in practice? Is she worth the trouble?

So you can get the Arbalest: This new exotic shooting iron you get currently about the spring event “The Indulgence” . After May 7, however, it will be available as a random drop from exotic engrams. So if you want to have the weapon straight away, you should hurry.

What you have to do at the spring event to earn the Arbalest, you can read here: Get Arbalest – How to get the new exotic weapon

What can Arbalest do in practice?

What is the Arbalest? The Arbalest is Destiny 2’s first kinetic linear fusion rifle. Other members of this genus, such as Slate Ripper or Tarantula, can only be found in the Power Slot. It has a load time of 533 and has reasonably good stats compared to other linear fusion guns of the same archetype.

The Arbalest requires special ammo and, through its intrinsic perk binding power, shoots special missiles that deal massive damage to enemy elemental shields – even if it’s actually a kinetic weapon.

The Perk Disturb also makes enemies more vulnerable to kinetic damage when the Arbalest destroys their Elemental Shield.

So the Arbalest in PvE: In PvE the Arbalest pays off only situational. It is particularly useful in activities where you encounter numerous enemies with elemental shields – such as the forge, gambit or in the nightfall. There the weapon performs really strong.

Because if you break the shield of the enemy, this opponent becomes more vulnerable to kinetic damage (also from other team members). The damage is increased by about 50%.

The problem with this: the Arbalest can really only shine against enemies with shields. Against all other enemies you waste in principle the valuable Exotic slot.

Because without a shield she can not benefit from her powerful perk combo. Although in isolated situations, for example, high-level goals in gambit or majors in the blacksmiths can be eliminated, there are plenty of other exotic alternatives such as the Wardcliff coil or the Donnerlord , which you can use throughout and against all opponents.

Numerous fans had hoped for a twilight weapon in the Arbalest. But even there, the weapon is contrary to initial assumptions not always as effective as hoped for by many a guardian – although it is specially designed to crack elemental shields.

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If you set the modifier in the twilight strike (enemy shields are resistant to inappropriate elemental damage), you will need 4 – 5 shots with the Arbalest to crack the shield. This is much faster with matching Elemantar weapons. Here, some guardians had hoped for much more.

Thus the Arbalest performs in PvP: Although the Arbalest is actually aimed at the PvE, it is just in the crucible to a good and solid weapon. Here, the Arbalest in the right hands can tear something, even if they probably will not mess up the meta in PvP.

It does 166 damage with body hits and 414 with a critical hit – so a critical hit is deadly right away. Damage increases to 248 body damage and 620 Crit damage with kinetic damage increase. If you break the shield with the Arbalest, the enemy suffers 50% more damage from the kinetic shots of your entire team.

Where the Arbalest in PvP can shine, is the weapon handling. The aiming aid and, above all, the hitbox of the weapon seem to be very generous at first, especially on consoles. It should be very easy to land critical hits with the Arbalest with some practice.

Another plus point: Since the Arbalest requires special ammunition, you will spawn in PvP directly with two gunshot. So you can get started right away so quickly and gather more ammunition with the Arbalest unlike their counterparts from the power slot. Those who like linear fusion guns play in the crucible should be happy with the Arbalest there.

However, those who have hoped the Arbalest could fetch enemy custodians with just one shot from an active Super will be disappointed. Just like their fellows of the same archetype from the power slot, the Arbalest can not do that – even with a critical hit.

Is the grind worth it? It depends. Who was hoping for an exotic weapon that he can use continuous and plow through enemy masses – provided sufficient ammunition – is rather disappointed.

The arbalest is definitely not a must-have, except perhaps for avid collectors. But if you want a fun exotic for certain scenarios, you might well be happy with this new weapon exotic.

Because the Arbalest is in PvE in principle a niche weapon and can really shine only situational. However, she can hardly prevail against exotic all-rounder like the Wardcliff coil or the Donnerlord.

In PvP you can set more accents with the weapon – provided that you are the shooting behavior of the linear fusion rifles. Because just in the melting pot that is far from everyone’s cup of tea.

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