Atlas Reactor Closes – Genre Mix Was Innovative, But Radically Unsuccessful

Atlas Reactor

After a very bumpy development, the interesting turn-based online game Atlas Reactor is about to go. Gamigo says it is not sustainable anymore.

What is Atlas Reactor? The round-based tactical game was announced in 2015. You might call it a hybrid of the XCOM series and Overwatch.

You choose one of several heroes, all with special abilities, and compete with them in turn-based combat. The team that can claim five kills or the most wins in 20 laps first wins. Later, a 1 vs 1 mode was also introduced.

The idea was very interesting and “different”. But the game was simply no success granted.

Why is the game shut down? The tactical game has a colorful past behind it. It started as a Free2Play game, then switched to a premium model just to switch back to Free2Play.

According to Gamigo, the development team put a lot of passion in the title to make it something special. But Atlas Reactor never reached many players. In the end, the title was simply financially unbearable, so now the shutdown occurs.

When do the gates close for the game? The current plan is for the servers to remain open until June 28, but the team says it may change.

From now on it is no longer possible to buy Item for real money. But now you get faster EXP and the currencies Flux and ISO.

Anyone who has logged in between January 1, 2018 and April 16, 2019 can expect a small farewell present.

How do the players react? The fans of Atlas Reactor are sad because they consider the game good and underrated. It is believed that the title simply failed to attract attention after launch. It basically never had a chance to establish itself in the market.

BraveNewNight summarizes it on Reddit: “The game simply could not get going when it was released and then died slowly.”