Borderlands 3 Wipes Weapon Element Slag – This Is Known About The Replacement

Borderlands 3 

Borderlands 3 says goodbye to a weapon element of its predecessor. Slag is replaced by a new element and has a new effect.

Weapons in Borderlands 3 have different elements. An element from the predecessor, however, does not make it into the third part. “Slag” disappears and is replaced by the new elemental type, which acts like nuclear radiation. It should be very different and logical, but that’s not really clear.

This was Slag in Borderlands 2: Who has played Borderlands 2, remembers the element “Slag”. That did not cause much damage, but provided the enemies with a nice debuff. This, in turn, caused enemies to suffer increased damage from all other sources for a while.

This allowed even large enemies to be defeated quickly. Other fights, however, were almost impossible without Slag and only the rescuing debuff on the boss has made them bearable.

Randy Pitchford explained that “slag was gone” and was replaced by something “more meaningful”. You would now have the new elemental damage type that works like nuclear radiation. It weakens the opponent and makes him vulnerable to other attacks, but also gives him a DoT effect (damage over time).

Where, apart from the DoT, the big difference with Slag is, is from Pitchford’s words not very clear.

Community is confused: Even on Reddit fans are mystifying about this statement. Although they are happy that Slag has disappeared, they still do not see the big difference to the new “nuclear” element type. They hope that one does not have to change the weapon again permanently. This was necessary in Borderlands 2, to prove enemies only with the Slag-Debuff and then to hurt properly with another Wumme. If Slag was just renamed, that would not be progress.

How exactly this nuclear element now differs in its effectiveness from Slag or whether this is just a name change with additional “damage over time” effect, remains to be seen.

Cortyn says: Personally, I like being part of the “Slagger” member that turns enemies into purple, so teammates can more easily get their kills in and get the group off the ground. That had something of a (very effective) support capability. I hope that the new element also has a similar benefit.

Do you think it’s good that Slag belongs to the past? Or did you like the constant change of weapons to install the debuff?