Destiny 2: All About Soulish Essence – This Is How You Get And Use The Tonic

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 the spring event “The Indulgence” started. We’ll tell you how to get the Tender Essence and use the Tenderness Elixir.

This is the event: With the Weekly Reset on April 16, a new spring event has been activated in Destiny 2. The revelry runs from 16 April to 7 May and brings you with the Grünforst, inter alia, an alternative version of the turf forest on the Mercury.

In addition, it is about collecting Schwelgerian essence. Among other things, the Guardians need the essence of the kinetic linear fusion rifle Arbalest, but also to upgrade the tonic Elixir tonic.

Arbalest is one of the new exotics in the Vagabond season.

As you come to the essence and what’s up with the elixirs, we have summarized here for you.

The Revelation: This is how Schwelgerische elixirs and turgid essences work

Here’s where the quest begins: To start the spring celebration, you should visit the tower. Eva Levante has returned and acts as a contact person for the funeral. You can find her near Ikora at the bazaar.

This is how the Schwelgischer elixir works

Here you will receive the Elixir: At the beginning of the event, Eva will give you a Sizzling Elixir and your first 50 Sizzling Essences. The tonic can be found in your inventory and can be accessed from there.

The Elixir: If you get the tonic of Eva Levante you will be given a choice. With 50 Celestial Essences you can choose one of the following three buffs:

  • Reduction of the cooldown for grenades
  • Reduction of the cooldown for your melee attack
  • Reduction in the cooldown on your class ability
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The buff stops for an hour. For each additional use of the elixir you have to invest 50 more essences.

However, your chosen buff will become more powerful with the Event Armor “Uppity of Judgment” or the Everversum “Springbloom” armor with each piece of equipment attached.

The buffs are active in all activities, even in the crucible. Exceptions are only private matches.

So you get Schwelgerische essences

Here you will collect essences: The Schwelgerian essences will be collected in all activities during the event. However, the best way to get to a lot of essence quickly is through the green forest.

If you fight your way through the alternate forest, you end up with trunks that reward you with essences. These are from the 5 final bosses. After each boss kill spawns a chest of 10 essences, after the 5th and last boss you get even 15 of them. In one run there are up to 55 units of the new event currency.

In addition, Eva Levante offers you five bounties each day, which reward you with the Teal Essence. However, to gain complete access to her bounties, you must first master her first weekly foray and then talk to her again.

There are essences good: With the Schwelgerian essences you not only fire your Schwelgerian elixir, but also earns you various event rewards.

So you alone need 300 essences and seven of the event triumphs for the new kinetic linear fusion rifle Arbalest. As you come to the Arbalest, we have here for you .

You can also buy a revelry assortment for every 75 essences from Eva Levante. In the small packages may be with a little luck revelry ornaments, equipment and other selected pieces of jewelry.

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