Destiny 2: Why PVP Fans Are Annoyed By A Feature Of The Spring Event

Destiny 2

At Destiny 2 is currently running the spring event “The Revelation”. It annoys a feature of this event especially many melting pot lovers. What’s going on there?

This feature works: What some fans had feared in the run-up to the event, has now come. The so-called Schwelgerian elixir of the current spring event “The Revelation” causes unrest in PvP.

Bulk fans ask to remove this item at least from the competitive playlist. Especially there many guardians rob the last nerve. What’s it all about?

What does this elixir do? In essence, this elixir embodies a temporary buff – with three different buff effects. Depending on your choice, the buff reduces your cousin’s cooldowns:

  • the grenades
  • of melee
  • or class ability

You have to choose one of these effects, only one at a time can be active. The Event armor and themed Eververtum armor reinforce the buff the more set pieces it has equipped.

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What’s the problem with this elixir? The respective buff is active during the event in all activities of Destiny 2 – also in the crucible. The only exception are private matches.

In PvP you are a lot more dangerous with the buff and its increasing strength than “normal” guardians, some of whom do not even feel like the event. However, they get the effects clearly felt and are annoyed.

However, what is particularly criticized is the use of the elixir in the crucible’s competitive playlist. In numerous contributions from Reddit with numerous upvotes, PvP enthusiasts are venting their anger. Because with the elixir, in principle, almost infinite grenade and skill spams are possible.

But for most players it’s about the competitive area, which is to measure the one skills in an environment with others, where the gunplay is in the foreground and abilities are used only occasionally and purposefully.

But that’s not really the case right now. Currently, the Crucible is almost the same as a big cauldron mode, where Guardians can use abilities every few seconds, pushing any strategy and gunplay completely into the background. Therefore, many demand the elimination of the elixir – at least in competitive PvP.

There are also players who really like the chaos scattered by the elixir and event armor. But many fans agree that a kind of own event playlist for the PvP or a restriction to the fast game would have been the better solution. Instead, the whole crucible would be thrown into chaos for three weeks, robbing many of the fun of PvP for that time.

Bungie has not responded to this feedback so far and has not spoken up yet. It remains exciting to see if any changes to the elixir or its effects in certain modes will follow.

By the way, as part of the revelry you can get the Arbalest – the second new weapon exotic of the Season 6. But what can the weapon actually?

Arbalest in Destiny 2 – Is Grind Worth the New Exotic Weapon?

What do you think of this problem? Would you also wish for a different implementation? Or you can not understand the anger about the elixir?

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