Fortnite Brings New Stealth Mode – Could Solve The Biggest Problem Of Streamers

Streamers complain about Streamsniper in Fortnite: Battle Royale . Now the developers have come up with something to complicate the Streamsniping significantly. It could hardly be simpler: disguises.

This is shown by a leak: Lucas7yoshi, the leaker, is already well-known in the community of Fortnite. He was able to correctly predict some items or features before announcing Epic Games. This included the explosive bow recently .

Now the Leaker found in the code something like a camouflage mode and published the text on Twitter . The mode is designed to help streamers do their job.

Anonymous mode

Change your cosmetic loadout displayed to opponents in a match. You and your team members will continue to see your selected cosmetic loadout.

What does that mean? The cosmetic loadout refers to items that you can select in the locker. So something like skins for the character, gliders, weapon skins, vehicle skins, harvesting tools.

If you meet an opponent who is in anonymous mode, then his opponents visually different than he looks for himself or his team.

Whether the then wearing special skins or just runs around in the “default” look, is not yet clear.

Why is Fortnite doing that? The background is apparently Streamsniper. So players who specifically go hunting for streamers in their matches.

They watch their livestreams and see where the streamers are running around and what they look like. Then they go to the positions to eliminate the streamer. They then enjoy the attention.

Big streamer like Ninja often complain that they are visited by stream nipers and make their matches much more difficult.

Fortnite had already done something about the problem by hiding names in the kill feed . So it’s not in the chat “Ninja eliminated player XY.”

But the Streamsniper see in the streams, which outfit Ninja and Co wear. So they can already recognize from afar: “Back there, the guy with the Prisoner Skin , this is Ninja!” And then concentrate on this opponent.

Especially with the upcoming World Cup, Streamsniper are a big problem:

What changes? If Fortnite really does put this mode into action, snipers have a harder time recognizing a streamer.

So you do not remember “Aha, Ninja is just up on the volcano, I look around the area and look for his skin.”

All you know is, “Ninja is somewhere near the volcano and must be one of those 20 players here.”

The optical information is therefore completely eliminated. In addition, streamers transmit their matches with a delay of a few minutes. So you do not see the current location of the streamer, but an outdated position.

This young Streamsniper had been looking forward to a Ninja kill, but then it was probably too excited: