Fortnite: Challenges From Week 8 Leaked – It Is Gepuzzelt


The challenges of week 8 in Season 8 at Fortnite: Battle Royale were leaked. If everything is correct, you go in search of puzzle pieces.

What kind of leak is that? In a Season of Fortnite: Battle Royale regularly start new challenges. Before they appear in the game and become visible to all players, Dataminer start searching for the tasks.

For week 8 the Dataminer found interesting tasks in the code of patch 8.40 . If they’re correct, you’ll have to do a few tricky tasks this week.

These are the leaked tasks: How FortniteInsider reported the leaked challenges are likely to be correct because they appeared so late in the code. Epic would not make any major changes on such short notice. The Dataminer FiremonkeyFN found the following challenges:

  • Free
  • 1: Search for the treasure map shield in Paradise Palms – Level 2: Search for the X displayed on the treasure map
  • 2: Use 3 vending machines in different matches
  • 3: Inflict 100 damage to enemies while using at least one balloon
  • Chargeable
  • 4: Find puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves
  • 5: Dial the number from Durrr Burger on the big phone in the west of Fatal Fields – Level 2: Pick Pizza Pit’s number on the big phone east of The Block
  • 6: Eliminate opponents on Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing
  • 7: Eliminate enemies at least 50 yards away

Also flanked were new skins for Fortnite

That could change: Although the leaked tasks are almost certain, the distribution could change. So is not guaranteed which challenges are free and which are paid. This only turns out when week 8 of Season 8 officially starts.

When will the challenges come? Since the time change, the challenges of Fortnite start: Battle Royale around 16:30 clock German time. According to Ingame ad that is probably the case today, on 18 April, again the case.

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