Fortnite Has Now Leaked This Legendary Skin – More Cosmetics


The new patch 8.40 has some cosmetics for Fortnite again. Leaks show the new skins that are probably in the shop soon. A legendary pilot skin is already there.

When will the new skins come? This is still unclear. With each new patch, experts in the code look at what has changed. It also finds outfits.

These are not part of the game, but could be published soon. Other of the leaked skins have now arrived at Fortnite’s store.

Here’s what the Dataminer found in Fortnite’s latest 8.40 update .

The new cosmetics from patch 8.40 in Fortnite

2 new skins: There are 2 new skins, but they have several variations. These are the outfits Gemini and supersonic. The Gemini Skin comes with a total of 2 different styles.

In the Gemini styles, a display in the helmet seems to express the mood of the character. In the preview, it is happy in the blue version, rather annoyed at the red variant.

The legendary supersonic skin: There are even 4 different styles for the Supersonic skin. With the huge visor on the helmet, the skin reminds of a fighter jet pilot. For this purpose, the mouthpiece is a hose, which is connected to the back of the suit.

The supersonic skin can now be found in the Fortnite shop. It is legendary and costs 2000 V-Bucks. There is also a back accessory that shows how many enemies you have already eliminated in a match.

Back Accessory: Another back accessory will soon be part of Fortnite. It’s called Cyro Hops and comes in two styles: blue and red. Just like the Gemini skin, the mood of the bunny behind the disc changes.

Glider: The new glider “Zielsicher” is already in the shop and costs 500 V-Bucks.

Paint: With these new paints you can color your items soon.

New Music: It seems that electro-swing music is soon becoming part of Fortnite.

Which of the new contents do you like best? In addition to these skins, the map of Fortnite has changed extremely.