Get Live FIFA 19 Tips From A German Pro-gamer


Today (April 17) we have a special about FIFA 19 on our MAX streaming channel.

What does a pro-gamer actually look like? How should he prepare for a match? What are the differences to a hobby player? These and similar questions we get to the bottom of the live stream on MAX (Monsters and Explosions) today .

A pro-gamer guest in the stream: The pro-gamer Marcel Deutscher ( @ donchap28 ) is considered one of the best FIFA players in Germany and plays for the “Team Paranoia” under the banner of “L4K eSports”. Soon he will compete in the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga.

What does the stream show? At the same time, the eSportsman will be told what it takes to play games professionally. It’s all about a change in diet to mental training in preparation for a match. He managed to make a name for himself in FIFA’s eSports division within a year with an iron will. Currently he is even in the final of the virtual league.

Of course, Marcel and Dawid will also talk about FIFA 19 tactics and tips. After the talk, they play a few games of FIFA 19 on the PlayStation 4. You can count on further analysis of the game.

Watch the stream here from 19 clock

When does the stream come? The stream will be broadcast live on Saturday, April 17, starting at 19:00 on MAX. The program is expected to 21:00 clock.

Update: The stream is over now. You can watch him here in the replay on twitch

You want to compete in the tournament yourself? Take part in the Charcoal Cup!

Participate in the Amateur Tournament: If you want to compete with others in FIFA 19, you can take part in the Charcoal Cup 2019 . No professionals are allowed in this tournament.

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This is how the Charcoal Cup works: 

  • In four qualifying matches, the two best FIFA players are each determined by a KO game system. These tournaments take place online via Toornament .
  • The eight winners will travel to the grand finale on May 17th. The finale will take place offline in the German Football Museum in Dortmund . Travel costs will be reimbursed retrospectively for the eight finalists up to a value of 150 Euros as soon as a receipt is presented. That could be about the bill of a train ticket.
  • It turns out which of the eight finalists has what it takes to become a Charcoal Cup Champion.

Only room in a qualifier: All in all, there are still three qualifier games. But it is only in the last, on 02. May, space for participants. If you still want to join, you should hurry up with the registration!