In Pokémon Go There Are 2 New Shinys – At The Weekend Also With Us?

Pokemon GO

The safari zone is Singapore by Pokémon GO and could bring 2 new Shinys for us as well. So for the first time Shiny Pottrott and Lapras were caught there.

Therefore, something could come up on the weekend: Already in the past, Niantic has gifted the world players to safari zones. So there was last to catch Shiny Enton for a weekend. This was thanks to the safari zone in Brazil.

Now there are two new Shinys to catch in the safari zone, Lapras and Pottrott. For Pottrott Niantic has already announced a worldwide release, at Lapras one knows nothing yet.

We know that about the 2 new shinys in Pokémon GO

Here the Shinys were found: The safari zone in Singapore is currently in full swing and brings the players there, in addition to the new Shinys, and rare Pokémon as Icognito, Dratini or Tropius.

So far, the two Shinys but only there to catch. No one in Singapore has yet spotted the Shinys.

So chances are the Shinys in Germany: With Pottrott you can be sure that it will soon be catching in Germany. Niantic had already made that clear in their announcement on the safari zone.

At Lapras, but you know nothing. This Pokémon was not previously announced as a Shiny and it is even more surprising that it is now as dazzling version in the game. Whether it will soon be worldwide to catch is likely, but not confirmed.

Shiny Lapras at the Safari Zone in Singapore. Source: Reddit

Therefore, this weekend is interesting: Already at Pokémon as Wingull, Pinsir and Enton Niantic has on the weekend on which the associated safari zone ran, the Shiny rate increased worldwide massively.

So there was more chance this Shiny in the wilderness. In addition, the spawns of the Pokémon have been increased.

If this is also the case for this safari zone, there will also be different spawns this Saturday and Sunday, ie April 20 and 21.

Above all, everything was supposed to revolve around Pottrott. It remains to be seen whether Lapras will be more frequent there.

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