In The Next Patch Of World Of Warcraft You Build Your Own Set Bonuses


In the next patch World of Warcraft has another crazy mechanic. Players can put together their own set bonuses.

With the upcoming patch 8.2 Azshara’s ascent you travel to the new zone Mechagon in World of Warcraft . There you will not only meet the Mechagnome, but also many other cool game content. For the first time, players can build their own set bonus when collecting the correct items.

How do the set bonuses work? In the new dungeon “Operation: Mechagon” rings of bosses can be dropped, which have only one “half” activation text each. If you combine different rings, they will result in a complete text, which in turn will be a set bonus. Depending on the combination of the rings, different effects result.

There are so many bonuses: There are eight different rings altogether. Four of them serve as “triggers” and the other four as “effect”, which then occurs. So there are 16 different combinations.

These are the four triggers: There are four different conditions that can act as triggers:

  • If you activate an ability while your health is below 50%, then …
  • If you cause Shadow, Frost, or Nature damage, then …
  • If you heal a target whose health is below 50%, then …
  • If you inflict Holy, Fire, or Arcane damage, then …

These are the four effects: Please keep in mind that the exact values ​​are still being tested and are changing with the object level of the rings. These effects exist:

  • … you get 198 tempo for 15 seconds.
  • … inflict 46519 Nature damage to an enemy nearby.
  • … you absorb the next 59595 magic damage within the next 8 seconds.
  • … you heal up to 5 allies nearby at 11628.

With these rings players are able to make their own, small set bonuses – assuming they get to the different rings.

A few examples: Possible combinations would be:

  • If you heal a target whose health is below 50%, you gain 198 Speed ​​for 15 seconds.
  • If you inflict Shadow, Frost, or Nature damage, you absorb the next 59595 Magic damage over the next 8 seconds.

Since some of these effects are quite powerful, they may have an internal cooldown, or be just one chance.

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