Patch 8.4 In Fortnite Brings A Blatant Map Change To Loot Lake


Fortnite: Battle Royale got a big change on the map with the new patch 8.4. The once peaceful Loot Lake is now a high-tech bunker.

What happened to Loot Lake? Loot Lake, now known as Leaky Lake, was until recently a peaceful place where waterfalls poured around an island and you found the eponymous loot abound.

But last time excavators and an excavation site appeared there and with the new patch 8.4. the area has changed permanently.

Where once stood the idyllic island, now a huge bunker structure has emerged with a gigantic access shaft.

Around the structure are excavators and research buildings. The whole system is a bit reminiscent of the research station around the comet impact at Dusty Divot in Season 4.

However, the bunker system is many times larger and looks much more advanced.

The end of Season 8 is approaching

What is hidden in the bunker? What exactly is in the gigantic plant, you can not find out yet. The massive metal walls of the structure are indestructible. But it will not be long before the bunker releases its secret, as Season 8 is nearing its end and a massive bunker full of secrets is exactly what gives the season finale the right spice.

Is Thanos coming back? Perhaps the bunker is also related to the supposed return of Thanosfrom the upcoming Infinity War movie. As early as 2018, the purple Titan from the cinema appeared in a controversial game mode.

Other theories suggest that the mysterious purple cube that once sank in Loot Lake and then floated the central island is celebrating a return. Maybe the cube or a part of it is hidden deep in the bunker.

Or we can finally find out what happened to the butterflies after the explosion of the cube in Season 6 back then.

But until something happens in the bunker, you, unfortunately, have to do without the lucrative loot spot on Loot Lake. Cheats do not help either: