So Brings The MMORPG Pantheon The Idea Of ​​Everquest In The Year 2019


There is news about the interesting MMORG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen . Although the developers want to offer the game a classic experience in the style of Everquest 1, the online role-playing game Pantheon should offer much surprising and unexpected. It should be a MMORPG, which fits in our time, in the year 2019.

What does Pantheon want to achieve? The MMORPG basically wants to get back to the roots of the genre. At a time when in Everquest 1 the group game was the focus:

  • Team play is important in Pantheon to solve the quests together.
  • PvP plays – at least for the time being – irrelevant.

Pantheon wants to become a kind of modern Everquest 1.

Classic but modern

What are the developers saying now? In a new letter from the developers, the team talks about the fact that Pantheon should already become classic, but also has to offer something unexpected.

After all, we are writing the year 2019 and not 1999, when Everquest 1 appeared.

Today, much more is possible and developers want to testify in the game – without diluting the classic gaming experience. That a modern MMORPG must look good , is clear, but appearance is not everything.

How can Pantheon manage that? The developers explain that something new must always be fun and fit. You do not want to compulsively introduce anything that would be technically possible but that does not fit into the concept at all.

As an interesting and useful feature, the team calls the climbing. This was hardly feasible in the past, but today is much easier to integrate. You will be able to climb in Pantheon. How exactly that looks, the developers are still working on it. However, it becomes a feature that makes sense and has meaning.

Pantheon remains Pantheon

That’s why new features do not change the core of the game: developers are aware of what Pantheon’s players expect: Rise of the Fallen.

  • The social aspect and the group play are in the center.
  • The battles must be exciting and tactical.
  • Players have to face challenges that spur them on to get better and better.
  • The quests are supposed to tell exciting stories.
  • It must be fun to develop the character.
  • The world needs a profound and interesting lore.

All this is still to be offered by Pantheon. The only question is how to bring this concept of Everquest 1 into 2019 to make it look modern. What features can you incorporate that support this gameplay without turning it into something else?

That’s what the team is working on. With the idea, one asks oneself the question of whether it fits the concept and how it can be meaningfully implemented.

When does Pantheon appear? Currently there is no release date. This year, Project Faerthale will be launching an alpha version that combines all the game systems to give a good look at the MMORPG as it will look like at release.

It is not yet clear when Project Faerthale will start.