Some Anthem Players Do Not Believe Bioware Anymore


The online shooter Anthem is in a difficult situation two months after its release. Our author Schuhmann stands out: The worst thing right now is how deeply the players’ distrust of BioWare sits. According to the insider report, the credibility of the developers has reached a low point.

That’s how fans started with BioWare: It started so well – BioWare’s communication prior to the launch was really good, a bit offbeat, but okay.

The producers of Anthem like Ben Irving, Mike Gamble or Mark Darrah tweeted regularly, showed up in the forums, discussed with the fans and looked authentic and close.

It was a bit difficult to follow the flow of information to Anthem because the tweets were isolated and on many topics, but BioWare’s relationship with the players was completely okay and intact before the release and during the demo.

Even in the first few weeks, when it came to difficulties, such as the demo, everything was actually okay.

BioWare behaved authentically, confessed to problems and promised solutions.

The fans showed understanding: It’s hard at the beginning, that’s a huge project too, just take your time, the main thing is that it’s good afterwards. That was the tenor.

That’s the relationship right now: this mood is now completely down. The developers have made themselves scarce in the last few weeks – after the big “disclosure report,” what went wrong for years at BioWare, seemed almost radio silence to prevail. At the same time, a strong signal would have been so important.

This radio silence takes a negative impact on the mood.

When BioWare postponed the live stream yesterday , allegedly due to technical issues, it became apparent that many in the community simply did not believe the reason for the refusal.

They accused BioWare of lying flat and making excuses not to stream.

So fans reacted to the cancellation of the stream:

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  • Among the tweet were countless gifs that signaled a kind of “weariness” and a “typical bioWare”.
  • A reddit user even called BioWare’s building and asked the office manager of another company if he had internet access. They had and in the forum they made fun of it. (via Reddit )
  • Others compared the statement: “We have to postpone the stream for a week, we have no network” with the bad excuse of a student who has not finished his homework yet.

For many it was clear: Internet failure was a lame excuse from BioWare – they are just not ready to present the next patch.

That’s the problem: Whether or not BioWare has Internet now does not matter. It is important that the incident shows how much confidence has been shaken in the meantime.

After the revelations of the US side Kotaku about the product development of Anthem the trust is disturbed lasting.

Because after the report many have the impression that BioWare had known about the problems of Anthem and deceived the players. As a result, many now assume the worst, basing their intentions on BioWare.

  • Anthem’s decision to postpone content to solve problems first is interpreted by BioWare as “another broken” promise.
  • While they are rather positively received by Massive, who do exactly the same with The Division 2 .

This shows how important such a relationship of trust between developers and players is and how uncomfortable it becomes when it is disturbed.

What can BioWare do now? It will probably take a while for this relationship to return to normal and trust to build up.

For this it is necessary that BioWare communicates more with the fans again, even if one has at the moment little to say and gets the rage of the players.

But silence only makes the situation worse. The most important thing now is to make the fans feel they are serious and communicate with them on an equal footing.

This was ultimately the formula for success in any game that could free itself from such a difficult situation.

A good example of how this can be done was here at Anthem:


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