That Says The Gearbox Boss To The Endgame Of Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

The Endgame of Borderlands 3 is a big unknown. However, the boss of Gearbox has hinted something that should please fans.

The boss of Gearbox could not resist and chatted via Twitter a little bit about Borderlands 3 and its endgame content. After all, this is a big sticking point for the players who want entertainment even after completing the actual story campaign. At first glance, however, there is no reason for concern.

This endgame content is planned: roughly, the endgame content of Borderlands 3 will be based on what has already been established in the Borderlands series. That means:

  • DLC Stories (Addons)
  • Bounty bosses
  • Raid bosses

In addition, there should still be “more”, even if it has not gone into detail.

Content as in Borderlands 2: Most fans will notice that this plan looks a lot like Borderlands 2 did. There was also plenty of endgame activity and repeatable missions with heavy bosses. This ensures a high replay value and finally captivated the players for many hours after the actual completion of the game on the screen.

Motivate many weapons: Borderlands 3 also relies on the old concept of almost infinite weapons. If you want to find exactly the right weapon for your style of play, you have to tackle several areas (such as bosses) several times. It is all the more satisfying, however, when the corresponding Wumme finally wanders into their own inventory and makes future adventures an effect firework of gigantic damage figures.

The motto seems to be “Never change a running system” – similar content as in the predecessors, but even more choice.

Are you looking forward to Borderlands 3? What endgame content would you expect from the shooter?

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