That’s What The TOTW 31 Looks Like In Fifa 19 Ultimate Team – With Coman


The TOTW 31 (Team of the Week) in FIFA 19 has been confirmed. Here you can find out which players made it into the team of the week.

This is the Team of the Week: For the Team of the Week, EA selects 23 players each week who have done a great job in real football. These will then receive improved Inform cards and will be in sets for a week.

The strongest players in TOTW 31: Really strong new Inform cards receive Pepe (88), Nainggolan (87) and Williams (86) this week. But De Bruyne (92) and Koulibaly (92) clearly have the best cards in the current team of the week .

These Bundesliga kickers are there: The Bundesliga is represented this week only by Kingsley Coman (86).

From the 2nd Bundesliga, however, is still Hinterseer (79) here.

This is the new card from Coman: This week, Coman receives his second Inform card. With a total rating of 86, this one point is stronger than his last special card from the TOTW 23.

2. Inform card Coman (86)

Comparing the new Inform card with the previous 85 card shows the biggest improvements in shot, pass and physique scores.

  • Shooting: 80 -> 82
  • Fit: 78 -> 80
  • Physique: 62 -> 64

The new TOTW card from Kingley Coman is an excellent option for the left wing. Here, the card offers good pace, good shot values ​​and very strong dribbling.

Previous maps of Kingsley Coman

The Team of the Week 31

All cards in TOTW 31

TOTW 31 – starting eleven

TOTW 31 – starting eleven

TOTW 31 – substitute

TOTW 31 – substitute

When will the TOTW 31 appear? The release is on 17.04 at 19 o’clock. From then on, the cards can be found in sets.

So you get the new inform cards

From sets: You have a chance to get the best inform cards with the following sets:

  • Gold set (5,000 coins)
  • Premium Gold Set (7,500 coins)
  • or from  other special sets

Bronze or silver TOTW cards can also be found in the corresponding bronze and silver sets.

But keep in mind that it is very unlikely to draw a TOTW card from sets.

In the transfer market: If you have no luck with sets, or prefer to have targeted players, you can also find the TOTW cards on the transfer market.

How to earn coins with TOTW player cards:

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