The Division 2: Agents Looked Forward To 1st Raid Just After Easter – But Nothing Will Come Of It

the division 2

The Division 2 postpones its first raid. That’s what the developers say about the reasons.

When should the raid come originally? The raid was not included in the game right after the launch of The Division 2. Now “Operation Dark Hours” , the name of the first raid, was supposed to go live on April 25th.

But as the developers of Massive have announced in a development blog and in the current issue of “State of the Game”, this date will be postponed.

When is the new appointment? A concrete date was not mentioned. The new release period for the raid and the next major update is now May 2019. When exactly – that depends on the state of the game.

Why the sudden shift? Reason for the postponement of this peak PvE activity was called further fine-tuning and the balance of the game under the title Update 3.0

So far, the content deliveries and updates have been well received among fans so far. But you also got a lot of feedback for possible improvements that you want to implement.

The ultimate goal is to provide the players with the best possible experience. That’s why they finally decided to postpone the raid and title update 3.0 (TU3) to May.

Because the raid should be the biggest challenge and best experience of the game to date. Accordingly, one wants to make sure that all changes have been adequately tested and feedback from the players on these changes has been heard before Operation Dark Hours goes live.

How do you want to ensure that? For this reason, as already announced, the test server (PTS) was returned.

These PC-exclusive test environments are already live. The first major balance changes in PvP and PvE that will be included in Title Update 3.0 can now be tested there. Others should follow in different phases. Polls and forum posts are designed to collect player feedback.

The raid itself, however, will not be available on the test server, because you want to make sure everyone has the same chance of discovering and completing the raid once it’s published.

Over the next few days, a detailed plan will be published outlining the test phases for the PTS. Because there are a lot of changes in almost all areas of the game on the agents.

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