The Division 2: Maintenance, Server-down On 18.04. – Patch Notes And All Info

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Today, on 18.4. There is maintenance on the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC. There is a serverhour of several hours. Here you will learn everything important about server status, patch notes and maintenance.

Today, April 18th, the servers of The Division 2 will be serviced again. The servers will go offline, so you will have to interrupt your gaming experience for some time. You should know that:


  • 9:35 am – The servers are already down on all platforms.
  • 11:30 am – Maintenance is officially over, the servers are back online one hour ahead of schedule. So you can start fighting again from now on

When does Server Maintenance begin at The Division 2?

  • The maintenance will begin at 9:30 am our time
  • The servers will be offline for about 3 hours. You should therefore be able to play again from 12:30 clock
  • You can not log in during maintenance

What is changing today? The patch notes:  As part of the maintenance, some adjustments are made, fixes are installed and bugs fixed. There will not be any fresh content or new features today.

The patch notes are now known, the following will change today:

  • Fixed an issue where players could accumulate an unlimited amount of heroic bounties
  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck after resurrection if they were affected by damage-over-time status.
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck after resurrecting.
  • The NPC damage and life energy for higher levels of difficulty have been reduced.
  • The multitude of NPCs at higher levels of difficulty has been increased.
  • The difficulty level was scaled down significantly to “hard”, slightly reduced to “challenging” and slightly reduced to “heroic”.
  • Fixed a problem with Elite NPC aggression on “heroic” / level 4.
  • Damage of named enemies has been reduced.

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