The New Dungeon In Fallout 76 Is A Flop, But Not Everything Is Bad

Fallout 76

With the new Dungeon “The Caves” players can explore Fallout 76 underground. The dungeon is not good at all yet. Many players find him anything but successful. But there are also positives.

What is this dungeon? With the latest update appeared in Fallout 76 the dungeon “The Caves” under Harpers Ferry . Players can complete a quest here and face new dangers in order to provide themselves with loot.

The dungeon was supposed to be challenging for two maximum-level players or particularly well-equipped players. The size of the dungeon’s story sounded as if there were some sort of little town down there waiting .

This is the problem with the dungeon: However, the extent and difficulty of the dungeon greatly disappoint players. Many players report that the dungeon is too light:

  • Reddit users report that, despite mediocre equipment, they manage the caves on their own
  • they only need about ten minutes per pass if they take their time
  • the quest was too short and quite dull, would be too few steps

In addition, as noted in another Reddit post, the instantiation is missing. The dungeon is not closed for each player or group, but simply freely accessible. So every player can get involved at the bottom.

The fans are missing the “dungeon feeling”. The opponents offer no challenges and no mechanics, such as the new Sheepsquatch fight already pretends .

This splits the community: Most players see a fault on the part of Bethesda. The caves should have been a great dungeon, but it was spoiled and so can hardly inspire.

Other Reddit users are more critical of the players themselves. There are some points criticized by the fans:

  • One should not “overdo” for something that one does not know. That’s disappointment.
  • Anyone who is already “too strong” and uses “OP builds” should not expect any challenges.
  • The fans have a bad view of too easy (the caves) and too heavy (Sheepsquatch).

However, most players agree that much of the advertising for the new dungeon was unjustified.

Still, that’s good: despite the negative feedback on the dungeon, quite a few players are still happy with the new content. They point out that it’s not just about the dungeon and its loot itself.

A reddit user emphasizes that Harper’s Ferry is now the perfect location for a nuclear strike . One could radiate the place itself and the entire caves and farm optimally, even better than in the hitherto popular Whitesprings.

Other less carefull users are simply happy to have a new place to explore. If you’ve been playing Fallout 76 for a while, you may have already seen many bizarre places. The caves are just something new.

How well do you know about Appalachia?