The New Exotic In The Division 2 Probably Has A Built-in Wallhack

Dataminer want to have found out the perks of the exotic sniper rifle Nemesis in The Division 2 . Among other things, it should be possible with the exotic weapon to mark enemies and then pursue for 15 seconds, even through walls.

Which exotic is it? Nemesis is an exotic sniper rifle whose parts have come to The Division 2 with the update Tidal Basin . So far, however, only a few parts of the new weapon could get hold of.

What should the weapon do? Although the first components of Nemesis are already in the game, what the sniper rifle has on it, was not known yet.

Dataminer now want to have found out the Perks of Nemesis. Please note, however, that this is not official information, but alleged information from the game data. These do not have to be correct or can change to release the weapon.

The Perks explains WiLLiSGaming to you in this video:

  • Active: Counter Sniper – Shots from the weapon require the trigger to be held down to charge. Once charged, these shots cause increased body damage. If the charged shot does not kill the target, the next shot will be charged faster. After the target has been targeted, it is marked and can be traced through the world. The longer the target has been sighted, the more damage the shots from this weapon inflict on the target.
  • Active: Nemesis – Targeting enemies marks these 15 seconds as your nemesis and lets you see the enemy through walls in time. Shots cause 5% increased damage every second the target is tagged. The bonus damage increases up to a value of 50%.
  • In Holster: Preparation – Get 25% overhead damage with your current weapon while the Nemesis is in the holster.

What else is known? Some time ago, the Datamin spydr101 had already found out the alleged basic damage of the Nemesis. According to his data, the single-shot rifle has a base damage of 265525 to 324534. The hitherto strongest sniper rifle model 700 comes so far only on a base damage of 89313 to 109161.

It will be interesting to see if the weapon is really as powerful as it sounds now. It could also be that the live version differs significantly from the Nemesis presented here.