Torchlight Frontiers Introduces Wacky Class Fighting A Railroad

Torchlight Frontiers

You certainly have not seen a class like the Railmaster from the MMORPG Torchlight Frontiers. Because the character fights with a train, for which he has to build rails.

Who is the Railmaster? The Railmaster is one of the classes you can play in the MMORPG Torchlight Frontiers. He uses ancient dwarf technology and pulls through the land for which he has to build the rails.

The Railmaster is an excellent fighter, well armored and neat with his mighty hammer. The support he receives from the train makes him almost unstoppable.

The Railmaster already plays a role in Torchlight 2, which will be released in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch . In the game he is just an NPC and not a playable character.

A warrior with a train

What is special about the Railmaster? While in most MMORPGs with the Warrior, you just jump into the fray, you have to be tactical with the Railmaster. Although he can be involved in the fighting, he also has to take care of the railway that accompanies him constantly.

That means he has to build rails so that the train can ride with him. There may be cannons on this turn, which will assist you in combat. So it’s important to find a tactical position for the train. So you combine a close with a ranged fighter.

What does the train bring? The railroad is always with you and you decide how you want to use it. You can attach different cars, including weapons, shields or tools. What exactly that will be and what they bring you, the developers want to betray at another time.

But you decide how to put your train together. For example, with small but fast-firing cannons or heavy guns that shoot for slower.

In addition, the skills of the Railmaster play a major role. For example, he can turn the railroad into a ghost train, which then rushes through a group of enemies and causes a lot of damage.

Or you create a shield cart that protects all your allies within a certain radius while the skill is active.

That could be interesting

When are you allowed to play the Railmaster? The new class will be introduced with the update 5 in the alpha of the MMORPG Torchlight Frontiers , which will be released on April 23.

What do the players mean? The fans of Torchlight Frontiers are already looking forward to the Railmaster. They are curious how he plays. At least it sounds quite innovative to many.

Im_Cynical says on Reddit, “Wait, what? He actually puts rails behind him? That’s incredible!”

But if it does not get on the nerves with the time, we have to see the rails all the time.

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