WoW Classic: Looks Like The Beta Will Start Soon


There are first signs that the beta of World of Warcraft: Classic is in the starting blocks. We reveal what’s behind it.

If you can not do much with the current World of Warcraft or if you simply long for a “classic” experience, WoW: Classic has been looking forward to it for a long time. Even in the summer of 2019 to WoW: published Classic again so in a few months. Now there are first indications that a beta test could start soon.

Where does the info come from? Wowhead’s colleagues found that Blizzard’s Content Delivery Network had a new folder. This is named “wow_classic_beta” and thus clearly refers to a beta test for the classic version of World of Warcraft.

By comparison, the Patch 8.2 folder appeared in Blizzard’s Content Delivery System just under two weeks ago. That’s how long it took for the PTR to be really accessible.

What does that mean? In the worst case, this is only a first preparation, which has little meaning. In the best case, this probably means that the beta of WoW: Classic is soon pending and at least the first internal tests should start. It remains to be seen if and when the interested players will be allowed to participate.

Keep in mind with this info, that a timely release of the beta is not guaranteed. While it’s a good indicator that it’s headed by WoW: Classic, there’s no concrete release date for the beta.

Are you looking forward to the re-release of World of Warcraft: Classic? Would you join a beta test for such an old game again? Or are you waiting for the launch?

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