WoW: Patch 8.2 Reveals The Sinister Truth About The Heart Of Azeroth


In World of Warcraft Patch 8.2 , we learn the true purpose of our artifact necklace. We tell you what the Heart of Azeroth is used for.

The Story of Patch 8.2 Azshara’s rise has been widely read from World of Warcraft game data. There are some dramatic revelations about the heart of Azeroth , what is planned and what role we are playing in the whole plot.

Because actually the heart of Azeroth is a necklace with which we are supposed to heal the planet. But apparently dark forces have a completely different plan.

Spoiler warning: If you do not want to know anything about the course of action in patch 8.2, you should not read on here. You have been warned.

Azshara’s plan works: After the players of Azshara are drawn into the depths of Nazjatar, it comes again and again to small clashes with the queen of the Naga. She interferes in many conversations and can apparently hear everything that goes on in her kingdom. But only in the raid she tells us what is actually matter and how she has lured us to her. There we learn some truths:

You see the truth now, right? Every step you have taken has happened to my will.

This trampling dwarf believed he could save Azeroth by empowering your small, sparkling heart. The gift of a sleeping titan.

Truly, the heart of a Titan was exactly what was needed. Not to heal the world … but to smash the prison of a god.

The ritual is almost completed. The Black Empire is rising … and the world is awaiting its true queen.

Queen Azshara

Many hints come true: it seems that many fears and sayings of the servants of old gods are now being proved. Magni is really just a pawn of the Old Gods and has delivered to N’Zoth exactly what he needed – us with the heart of the planet.

Will the plan succeed? Currently it is not fully clear whether Azshara’s plan succeeds and the Old God N’zoth is really freed from his chains. However, there are some indications that Azshara is up to something else. Thus, some characters point out that it is suspicious that Azshara shows the Hero of the Horde and Alliance the prison of N’Zoth. The truth behind it will surely come to light in the coming days …

After fighting Azshara, however, Lor’themar says the dark words:

Our victory appears empty. Azshara’s master will rise.

Lor’themar Theron

Since we have something nice einrockt.

Please keep in mind that these are text passages from the PTR. They may change until the patch is released.

What do you think of this revelation to the heart of Azeroth? Have you already guessed something like that? Or did you think the whole thing would really be for the healing of the planet?