Arenanet Comments On Layoffs: Guild Wars 2 Is Doing Well

Guild War 2

AreanNet has now openly commented on the recent events in an interview. The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 should not be affected by the layoffs and is still successful.

What was the problem? In February, NCSoft announced that it would have to lay off more than 100 employees at the development studio ArenaNet. The reasons for this were falling revenues, rising costs and the delay of new projects.

Even many long-time employees had to take their hat off.

Guild Wars 2 is barely affected

How does this affect Guild Wars 2? ArenaNet’s Linsey Murdock explained that the redundancies and the associated restructuring had mainly affected new projects. When they were hired, some of the staff members switched back to the Guild Wars 2 team.

This means that Guild Wars 2 is not so affected by the layoff. Linsey Murdoch says, “Many people who were removed from Guild Wars 2 for other projects are now coming back. The core team of the MMORPG has seen little change. “

According to Murdock, work on Guild Wars 2 continues as usual. The finale of the current season is coming up. Plans for the fifth season of the MMORPG are also progressing and this season will definitely come.

However, the team rethinks a lot about the development of Guild Wars 2. It had set a kind of rut and now you think about how you can “freshen up” anything.

The MMORPG is still successful

How is Guild Wars 2? Linsey Murdock says the game is doing well. “Guild Wars 2 is still very successful,” she says. “We believe in the brand and the game. Each game loses time with players. That’s the same with Guild Wars 2. Only this is slower than expected. Guild Wars 2 still earns enough revenue. It does not disappear. “

What about future projects? Some new projects have been discontinued, but according to Linsey Murdock, an Enwicklerstudio like ArenaNet is still working on new ideas. Only in this way can a company stay fit for the future. She does not see the projects that have been set up as lost, they are just on ice.

So ArenaNet wants to take care of the staff: With significantly fewer employees, one could now believe that the other employees have to work more. But that should not happen.

It is always asked if something can be implemented without crunch time and nobody should be forced to work overtime. Nobody should burn out because he works too much.

Murdock herself explains that in 13 years she was not even asked if she works overtime. According to her, ArenaNet lives a healthy corporate culture, where the employees are respected and that is how it should stay that way.

Guild Wars 2 will be preserved and will be extended by a new season of Living History. That should calm the fans, at least for the time being.