Destiny 2: That’s Why Many Guardians Are Annoyed About The New Event Ornaments

Destiny 2

With the spring event “The Indulgence” came some cool ornaments for the event armor to Destiny 2 . But these have a catch – and that stimulates many guardians.

These ornaments are all about: In the course of the spring event, the keepers can earn a new armor set for each class. In addition, helmets of the “prelude of indulgence” sets can be equipped with cool ornaments. The more pieces of armor you wear at the same time, the bigger the ornament becomes.

You should pay attention to this, if you hunt these ornaments: Numerous guardians find these ornaments class and try to earn them. But the new ornaments have a catch that many fans do not even know: they are active only for the duration of the event! In just over two weeks, May 7, the coveted effect will no longer be visible if you continue to wear the armor.

That’s how the fans react: Many guardians are disappointed and upset. In numerous Reddit threads, they vent their displeasure and demand from Bungie a permanent whereabouts of this cosmetic effect in the form of petitions.

If Bungie does not give in, numerous players will not appreciate the effort and the grind. Some even give up the hunt for the ornaments and the armor completely, Bungie should not give in yet. The hunt is currently pure waste of time and resources.

Some are only now hearing for the first time that the ornaments will not be continuously available. Because the hint is only well hidden in the item description.

Many a player is now angry that he put a lot of time and resources into an item, which completely loses its usefulness in a few weeks.

Whether and how Bungie reacts, remains open so far. There was no official response from the studio so far.

This is how you get the ornaments: For the ornaments you need a lot of Weeping Essence and a good amount of luck. Because these cosmetic items are available as a rare drop from the revelry assortment.

You will receive these surprise packages from Eva Levante in exchange for 75 Tempting Essences per piece. They can contain various random items such as improvement cores or equipment – or the aforementioned ornaments.

So, if your playing time is tight, then you should consider carefully whether you spend this event currency for a small chance on one of the new (and probably useless) event ornaments, or maybe you prefer instead the second weapon exotic of the season 6 secures – the Arbalest.

Are the new ornaments with their currently limited use worth the effort? Did you even know that they are only active for a limited time?