Diablo MMO Pagan Online At Early Access, Beckons With Mythology And Vampire Ladies


The ARPG Pagan Online is in Earyl Access on Steam today. The Diablo MMO of “World of Tanks” maker Wargaming offers a colorful and bloody world with unique classes and an interesting story.

What is Pagan Online? Pagan Online is a classic top-down action RPG. It was first announced in November 2018 but has been available since April 18, 2019 in Early Access on Steam.

Of the many genre colleagues who come in 2019 , it stands out above all through the story. Pagan Online is inspired by the Slavic, pre-Christian mythology and plays with mythical characters from the saga, such as vampires and ancient gods.

Pagan Online is currently only available for the PC. Versions for PS4 and Xbox One should not be planned according to current information. How does Pagan Online’s Early Access play? Pagan Online is played with mouse and keyboard, but unlike ARPGs and Hack & Slays like Diablo. You steer your heroes via WASD, attacks and abilities lie on shift, space, mouse buttons and other keys.

You’ll start your journey as one of three heroes available at the beginning and unlock more heroes, loot, gear and pets as you play.

The look of Pagan Online is not up to date in early access, but the game is very smooth.

Currently, only one solo mode is available in Early Access. A co-op option should come soon. The “Pantheon” already has a Social Hub, where you meet other players outside of missions.

These are the features of Pagan Online: Some features are already known since a previous trailer. Now the portfolio has expanded. To stand out from the competition, Pagan Online offers some special features in its mythical world:

  • Different modes and weekly and daily events such as monster hunts and assassinations
  • A crafting system and loot, which according to the developers should be “infinite”
  • A solo campaign with five acts and three levels of difficulty
  • A “legacy” system for even more challenge once you have all the heroes
  • A social hub, the Pantheon

In addition, Pagan Online offers a total of eight different classes, which are largely based on Slavic mythology. The classes all have unique skills and play styles.

  • Kingewitch, an ax-swinging berserker
  • Anya, a vampire lady with a whip
  • Istok, a heavy tank with a hammer and a shield
  • Morokh, a mobile skeletal assassin with scythe
  • Lucian, a spiritual arcanist
  • Valeria, a hunter with hand crossbows
  • Dameer, a blind, druid-looking hero with bear companion
  • Masha, a melee mage with tarot cards and sonic magic

At the beginning you can choose between Kingewitch, Anya and Istok. The other heroes you earn by “splinter” for the heroes’ smithy.

How much is the game? You can buy Pagan Online for currently 26.99 € on Steam or for 26.99 € in the Wargaming-Shop .