End Spectral Blade Terror: Destiny 2 Changes The Most Annoying Hunter Super

Destiny 2

The developers of Destiny 2 have now revealed their plans for weakening the spectral blade fighter with regard to PvP.

Why is there a nerf? In its current form, the Spectral Blade Hunter (Way of the Ghost), or rather his Super, is too dominant in the crucible in Bungie’s eyes. Even numerous keepers, this super in PvP a thorn in the side – many are annoyed as opponents of this hunter-super .

Because the super lasts a long time (if you use them properly), can be extended with a certain Exotic still a lot and also guarantees the users a high survivability. It’s really hard to avoid this super or counter it with weapons. It is not for nothing that the crucible has been dominated for quite some time by spectral blade hunters.

This changes with the Spectral Blade Hunter

But when it comes to Bungie, dominance should soon have an end or at least be mitigated – but without devaluing the super. The changes are already in the next update move to Destiny 2 hold. However, Bungie did not name an exact date for the patch.

In the upcoming Nerf, the developers have two aspects in focus: the damage reduction and the super-duration.

So Bungie changes the damage reduction of the spectral blades

So the damage reduction was so far: So far, this hunter-super has the highest damage reduction of all long-lasting super of the game – regardless of whether the hunter is disguised or not.

This is planned: The change will give the Spectral Blade Super in the regular Super state the lowest damage reduction of any long-lasting Super and provide one of the lowest damage reduction in the Tarn mode.

This is how the damage reduction changes:

  • Damage reduction in normal super-state reduced from 60% to 52%
  • Damage reduction in stealth condition reduced from 62% to 54.4%

That was the intention behind the adaptation: With the camouflage mode, the x-ray vision and its high mobility, this super already offers a high survivability from the ground up. The lesser harm reduction should now require users to plan better and be more adept at positioning if they want to survive long enough to land multiple kills.

This changes the super duration of the spectral blade

The following changes are made to the super-duration:

  • Super-duration in normal super-state (without attacks) reduced from 17.5 to 14.5 seconds
  • Super-duration in camouflaged super-state (without attacks) reduced from 26.6 to 23.5 seconds
  • The super energy cost for light attacks during the Super increased by 50%

That was the intent behind the Nerf: With these changes you still have some time to plan your attacks during the Super – but now with the feeling that you really have to hurry.

In addition, the increased cost of light attacks to prevent the wild spamming attacks. Because before they have hardly consumed energy. Now the hunter is forced to think more and target the attacks to use the super effectively.

Also an armor Exotic one has in the visor

To make this exotic, as part of the adjustments to the Spectral Blade Hunter, one has also turned a blind eye to an exotic chest protector specifically designed for this sub-focus – the Gwisin Bullet Vest.

Why are you looking more closely at this chest protector now? The Gwisin Vest is, in principle, the most important Exotic of the Spectral Blade Hunter.

Because every spectral blast kill of their wearer restores more super energy before it disguises itself. With this armor part the spectral blade super could be extended enormously.

What should change exactly? For this Bungie has not revealed any specific details yet. For the time being, it just means, you look at the vest currently and already experiment with some changes for this exotic.

Now you want to look at how the changes in the tests play. Then you will decide if the changes go live. Should that happen, they will only find their way into the game as part of Season 7 .