Fans Are Angry About Upcoming Nerfs, The Division 2 Says: Wait News

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Recently, developers have taken a closer look at the contents of Title Update 3.0, which will be featured in The Division 2 in May . Some changes received harsh criticism from the fans. But Massive says: test it first.

These changes are all about: As the developers in the current issue of “State of the Game” revealed, the next major Title Update 3.0 will bring major changes to The Division 2. These extend to just about all areas of the game.

But in a special area, the upcoming adjustments are causing a great deal of resentment among the fans. It is about numerous talents of weapons and equipment.

Incidentally, the title update 3.0 was postponed to May with the first raid: Agents were looking forward to the first raid just after Easter – but nothing will come of it

This is particularly criticized: While some talents are strengthened or easily converted, a large part of these properties are soon generated, ie weakened. Especially numerous damage-oriented talents are affected.

Players complain in large numbers that the developers are now mercilessly swinging the ultimate Nerf Hammer and whipping everything to the ground, which is somehow fun or makes sense.

The developers counter that and try to explain their point of view.

The developers say to the upcoming Nerfs: The developers emphasize that The Division 2 is a very complex game and the balance will never be easy. But just buffing everything – that would never work in the long run. With the balance one would reach limits so fast.

If all the weapons and equipment were getting stronger and the damage output just getting higher and higher, you would also have to equip your opponents with more and more health and armor, which in turn would make them feel more and more like a sponge for “not optimally equipped” agents. That would be just one of the many problems that come with it, and would make the game inedible for many others.

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With the coming changes, they are now trying to increase the variety of truly used talents and not rob the players of their fun. So should be brought by the upcoming buffs and Nerfs as many talents on a level.

Not only are there a few attributes that players almost feel obliged to grind and equip afterward – especially when it comes to damage output.

There should be more attractive options, all of which should be as equal as possible – just like a real alternative – and not feel like an absolute must-have and play.

In addition, the Nerfs on paper and purely on their own look worse than they actually fail. Because in addition to these nerfs and buffs so many other factors are adjusted and changed that the weakening will not make as noticeable as many a fan feared.

The following example was used: Among other things, the health and armor of the NPCs are reduced. As a result, the damage talents, even in their weakened form, will still remain relevant. At the same time there will be a lot of other features that will be interesting now.

By the way: The developers emphasize that many factors for the PvE, PvP and the Dark Zones are balanced separately – so all players in their favorite area should get the best possible experience.

The developers advise skeptics: The changes should therefore be considered in their overall picture as a large whole and not be judged in isolation as pure numbers on the paper.

The developers are asking the fans to wait and see what happens first and to watch them play live. Then you are still open for further feedback and could make changes.

The first of these changes can already be tried out on the PC-exclusive PTR servers . There, players can get an idea of ​​how the first overworked talents are now functioning and providing their feedback.

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